A level pe coursework football

Tactics and strategies AA3 A level pe coursework football include playing formations and attacking and defensive patterns, but they also include instantaneous decision-making as well as pre-planned decisions.

Some students find this comparison easier as a direct comparison, using two columns for example, to highlight what they do as compared to what the elite performer does. The only factor to be remembered here is that at least one cause must be from AS topics, and one must be from the A2 part of the course.

This simplistic approach invariably permits students to identify suitable weaknesses. Officials perform less movement skills and so tend to analyse their mistakes based on incorrect decision-making, which although appropriate, makes it difficult to provide suitable causes and corrective measures.

Even better is a sequence of images that show the whole skill performance. Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Beware of using causes that are not part of the course, for example a weakness due to injury, or lack of concentration! They then need to do the same sort of thing and explain how their incorrect action affected their own performance.

When the students return in September they hand in their Section Bs and while we look at them and make suggestions how to make them better, they can begin researching potential causes C1 of each weakness.

Some thought must be given to the corrective measures; they must have an effect. The larger the proportion of this part of the coursework that can be completed prior to the students returning in September the better. In summary, the student uses their knowledge to identify two weaknesses from each of the three areas of assessment, making a total of six weaknesses in all B1.

This is a weakness, but nobody can ever check whether this mistake actually happened in the match identified by the student. We get our students to start with a heading naming the cause of one of their weaknesses. In general, a weakness caused by a lack of fitness is corrected by a certain type of fitness training; a weakness caused by lack of skill is corrected by a certain type of skills practice.

The more detail the better. For example, a footballer has invariably attempted a pass, but has mis-hit the ball.

Let them do this for each of the two attacking AA1 and defending weaknesses AA2. Again as much detail as possible needs to be included in the description of the circumstances of the two weaknesses B1 and the two perfect performances B2.

Once chosen, the cause needs to be written about in as much detail as possible at least equivalent to A-level standard. This is another area where they made need help in understanding the requirements in simpler terms. So again at a basic level, if a performer has ever made a poor decision in an activity, then this is a strategic weakness.

I expect my better students to research each cause to a depth that entails more detail than they received as part of their A-level notes.

For each weakness, the students need to describe a single cause rather than several, and they must also describe how the cause affected their performance. Most students should be encouraged to complete at least four perfect models B2 and four weaknesses B1.

Students should again start with a heading, naming the corrective measure, and then describe the corrective measure in detail.

You do not develop skill by simply getting fitter, and you cannot correct poor skill performance by circuit training!

PE coursework - football

For C2, the students need to identify and explain how the problem the cause could be corrected. I also get my students to make links between B1 and B2 to show the impact of your actions compared to the perfect model. Tweet In most centres, the return of AS students following their exams means that you have four weeks or so of time to fill.

They then need to identify why they made this mistake; what did they do wrong! Make sure the students include the names, times and dates of the incidents.

If all this is completed ready for September, it gives more time for the addition of the causes C1 and corrections C2. They then suggest possible causes for each weakness C1 and suitable corrective practices for each weakness C2.

This description of the various perfect models and their own variations from that perfect model should be in considerable detail. Different performers can be used for each perfect model, so using John Terry for perfect defensive heading and Wayne Rooney for perfect long-range shooting is fine.PE coursework - football - A-Level Physical Education (Sport & Coaching) - Marked by mi-centre.com See more popular or the latest prezis.

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Sections B and C – A2 Coursework

A-level Physical Education Teaching and Learning Resources Gymnastics Performer Marking Band: A2 B&C Coursework Gymnastics Performer Area of Assessment 1: Agilities Weaknesses 1 B1: Self Analysis Handspring I am analysing a handspring that I performed on floor at a recent Cheshire and Merseyside 2-piece.

At present, games are played in large stadiums and players receive up to �, per week for playing football at the highest professional level. There are various cups and trophy’s that teams compete for throughout the season, which runs from the end of August to the end of May. Topic: PE coursework: football.

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A level pe coursework football
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