And summer is gone by susie kretschmer

So as David and Amy are both battling with society, they take two completely different tracks to their future lives. But as school comes around, Amy starts to change. He is comfortable with himself and is quite proud of his own personal accomplishments.

Conflict The major conflict in the short story, "And Summer is Gone" by Susie Kretschmer is fighting for individuality. At first she is an innocent kid, not very focused on her looks, and later on she is completely the opposite. Her extrovert personality seems to mask her discomfort with her image and she is social in order to be accepted by her peers at school.

She was lanky and awkward, she played in the mud and played dress up and pretend. She is an outgoing girl who is unafraid of anything. At first when he noticed Amy changing he hides all his capes and dress up clothes they used to play in, but then he realizes it was silly for him to hide them because it is like he is hiding who he is.

By the closing of the story it is evident that Amy changes who she is to please other people. In addition, she is an insecure girl who cares a lot about what others think of her. As the summers come and go, so does Amy. This is shown in the two characters David and Amy, as they become friends and gradually spread apart.

One literary device used is flashback. While this is happening they are becoming more distant and eventually are starangers to one another. Amy talks to David rarely now, and the memories of their friendship are lost to Amy. In the end, Amy loses who she once was to conformity. As this is going on, David stays true to himself, and continues on doing the things he enjoys.

Amy has her own unique characteristics while David has his. The purpose for the author to do this is to convey theme. This is revealed when Kretschmer writes that "[Amy] hardly [speaks] to [David] at school, ever " The Conflicts are Man vs. Unlike Amy, David has distinct charactersics.

As they get older Amy drifts apart from David by not talking to him in school because she is more concerned with being popular, fitting in, and what people think of her.

As Amy is changing, David is staying his own person. His intellect and introvert personality allows him to quietly view the world around him and gather information about people and things."And Summer is Gone" a short story by Susie Kretschmer has major conflicts within the story.

The Conflicts are Man vs.

October 4, 2008

Man and Man vs. Society. First there is a conflict between David and Amy, and how their friendship is disappearing. Growing older provides an opportunity for personal change and growth, not only physically but psychologically as well.

The short story “And Summer Is Gone” by Susie Kretschmer describes the changing attitude of a young girl as she experiences the. And Summer Is Gone Susie Kretschmer Stmknt-lI'rimn rtory.

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her stmy won a Scholastic WritifW Award in Oct 04,  · In the short story “And Summer Is Gone” by Susie Kretschmer, Amy and David are teenagers, who grew as best friends when they first met. They live in the same community, go to the same school, and are in the same grade; however the two of them develop their own character traits, and become opposite.

Oct 06,  · In the beginning of the short story “And Summer Is Gone” by Susie Kretschmer the two main characters, Amy and David, have many similarities. As the book goes on the two characters grow apart and change in many different ways.

While Amy is finding new friends and becoming popular, David is alone. While David is. Literary Essay "And Summer Is Gone" Friends might take on seperate paths in life.

Susie Kretschmer's short story "And Summer Is Gone" is about a friendship that didn't last between two friends.

And summer is gone by susie kretschmer
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