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Some specific moral reasons why people may reject the Christian gospel would be the fact of repenting and one changing their lifestyle. Answer the following questions in 2 clearly separate partsI, II words. According to a biblical worldview only Christians are created in the image of god. Intellectual reasons would be many would argue that there is no evidence to support what the Bible says.

According to the apostle paul, christens should be peaceable toward people regardless opinions. The view that no rational proof is necessary for belief is: The idea that people who have never heard of Jesus Christ will receive a second chance to accept him after this life is not supported in the bible.

The classic view of tolerance states that all views have equal value and that one view should not be considered better than another 6. Evolution ultimately is based upon faith. Another reason would be why do people believe and have faith in a God in which they have never seen? There was no logical response to the problem of evil which causes most secularists to reject Christianity.

The bible is the only early record which indicates the deity of Christ which is why sceptics his deity. The fallacy of exclusion is used when evidence that would affect the conclusion is purposefully left out. Pluralism undermines the motivation for evangelism and missionary outreach An emotional response to the gospel is essential for a person has been truly saved.

Rather than their idea is what type of fallacy? A person can believe in macroevolution and still believe in the trustworthiness of scripture. Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Traditional tolerance has to do with how one treats people as well as ideas that are believed to be false.

Because the respect that people had for the Apostle Paul his message of Jesus Christ was accepted by almost everyone who heard him. Do NOT include the question as part of your word count Direct quotations should be short and limited. The message of Christianity is that Jesus is the only way to heaven.busi module 6 db forum 3; busi module 8 business plan paper; busi entire course / international business; busi module 1 db forum 1; busi module 1 faith and integration forum 1; busi quiz 2; apol quiz 6; apol quiz 7; apol quiz 8; apol worldview paper.

View Notes - APOL from APOL at Liberty University. 3 articles 1 presentation DB Forum 2 Replies Quiz 5 50 60 6 Weider & Gutierrez: ch. 8 Caner & Hindson: 4 selected entries 1. Jul 05,  · Discussion Board Forum 1 Thread: Sara Williams ITB Phase 2 DB Primary Response In this DB response I first will describe the configuration of the Hybrid Topologies.

There are five different kinds of topologies.

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Jesus Lopez Apol Week 6 June 25th, Critical Thinking Assignment A prince named Siddhartha. BIBL Discussion Board Forum 1. BIBL Discussion Board Forum 1. BIBL Discussion Board Forum 1 Liberty University, A Project, Proposals, Submission, Portal, Presentation, Libraries, Journals BUSI Module 5 DB Forum 2.

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Apol 104 db forum 2
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