Areas of specialization in psychology

Media Psychology Media psychology studies how various forms of media and technology affect human behavior.

Most social psychologists are on the faculty of colleges and universities, but an increasing number are being hired by hospitals, federal agencies, and businesses to perform applied research. Psychometrists and quantitative psychologists are often employed in colleges and universities, testing companies, private research firms, and government agencies.

This rehabilitation is where corrections social workers step in, by helping inmates with problems that may lead to breaking the law, such as anger issues, substance abuse and mental health problems.

Military Psychology This specialty takes psychological concepts and gives them military applications. Her research areas include gender, religion, and social psychology. This assistance can be in the form helping the client accept the Areas of specialization in psychology, identify resources to assist the client and advocate on behalf of the client to obtain accommodations at home or at work should they be necessary.

Rehabilitation psychologists work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical schools, and in government rehabilitation agencies.

With so many different ideas, cultures and beliefs so widely expressed, friction between those of different backgrounds is Areas of specialization in psychology.

Psychometric and quantitative psychologists are concerned with the methods and techniques used to acquire and apply psychological knowledge. Some focus on just one period of life e.

The following description of 16 of these areas will serve as an introduction for students who are pursuing careers that require graduate education in a specialized area of psychology. While similar to sociology, social psychology looks at the micro level factors such as individual attitudes and human perception that affect human and behavior, while sociology takes a broader view and looks at how social institutions and broad populations affect human behavior.

The Department of Psychology provides its undergraduate students with both a well-rounded education and the opportunity to explore specific areas of psychology in which they have special interests.

Discussions focus on questions of the nature of the person, the formation of conduct in everyday life, and the ways that people create and change the meaning of objects and actions. It provides hands-on training in the practical application of ethnographic methods.

School Counselor These counselors work with students to help them succeed as students and grow as individuals.

Each student also develops a solid portfolio of fieldwork and interview notes. Developmental psychologists do research and teach in academic settings, but may acts as consultants to day-care centers, schools, or social service agencies. They conduct programs for marital enrichment, premarital preparation, abuse, family communication patterns, and the effects of divorced and remarriage.

Professor Sue primarily uses ethnography, interviewing, and focus group methodologies in her research. Academic Year 1 Fall: Primarily a social psychologist, her research areas include the self, the emotions, gender, and human-animal interaction. Industrial and Organizational Psychology Industrial and organizational psychology can also be thought of as office psychology, as it is the scientific examination of human behavior in the workplace and similar organizations.

Students learn to study contextualized social interaction in a holistic, interpretive, and ethically responsible manner.

Clinical psychologists assess and treat people with psychological problems. The study of biopsychology often involves examination of the human brain on the cellular level and how it relates to human behavior.

Humanistic principles are based on the idea that every person is inherently good and has the ability to use their creativity, free will and emotions to achieve self-actualization.

Advice given can range from how to make a resume more marketable, recommending a college major and how to communicate better with the boss. Gender, Genocide and Collective Memory. Migration and Population Distribution A large body of important social research has emerged on migration and inequality, including the effects of immigration on both sending and receiving populations.

Domestic violence counselors can also help victims cope with the emotional trauma, which may continue to affect the victim in her everyday life even after they are removed from the abuse. See our sport psychology page for more info. Others were trained in a traditional graduate psychology program and chose courses, research topics, and practical experience to fit their interest in psychology and law.

Forensic psychologists are concerned with the applied and clinical facets of the law such as determining a defendants competence to stand trial or if an accident victim has suffered physical or neurological damage. They help those who are having trouble mentally or emotionally for any number of reasons, such as trouble at home, financial problems, eating disorders, low self-esteem or depression.

Areas of Specialization

Rehabilitation psychologists work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, medical schools, and in government rehabilitation agencies. For instance, the Department of Geography offers graduate seminars in migration, urbanization, and development; population geography; and formal population geography: Her research areas of focus are environmental sociology, sociology of agriculture and food systems, political theories of justice, and immigration politics, with a regional emphasis on the United States.

See our counseling page for more info on school counselor careers. However, counseling psychologists tend to focus more on persons with adjustment problems, rather than on persons suffering from severe psychological disorders.

They may be found in hospitals, community health centers or private practice. As examples, CU Boulder faculty and graduate students examine the human dimensions of environmental change, the social distribution of environmental hazards, and natural resources and rural livelihoods in developing nations.The psychology major provides its students with both a liberal arts education and the opportunity to explore specific areas of psychology in which they have special interests.

Graduate education is a process of further refinement during which students become increasingly proficient and knowledgeable in an area of psychological specialization. The counseling psychology specialty covers many areas including psychological counseling, education and health improvement.

Developmental Psychology. As its name implies, health psychology is the specialization that examines how human psychology and behavior affect health.

Health psychologists research connections as. Moral psychology, including the role of emotions in moral reasoning, the neuroscience of addiction, and the role of neurobiological deficits in immoral and criminal behavior. This specialization is intended for students enrolled in a Department of Psychology program area but with supplemental interests in neuroscience and philosophy.

Areas of Specialization. Students planning to do graduate work in psychology must choose an area of specialization. You indicate your preferred specialization on your graduate school applications, and the decision about whether to accept you to a program is typically made by faculty members in that particular area.

Our graduate program represents a broad spectrum of perspectives in psychology. Graduate psychology incorporates eight different program areas. Students apply directly to one of these eight areas depending on their interests.

While there is a common core of expertise across areas, there is. Areas of Specialization Biological Psychology Research topics include neurobiology of monogamy, psychoneuroimmunology, evolutionary neurobiology, mathematical modeling of social behavior, environmental psychology, mate choice and reproductive relationships, effects of stress on social behavior, epigenetics and social behavior, and neurobiology.

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Areas of specialization in psychology
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