Bad boy meets a nerd girl wattpad

He is the guy that wears the leather jackets and smokes and has shitty friends and bullies nerds but at the same time, somehow attracts the attention of the whole female population of the school Yes, especially the cheerleaders.

See you in the next chapter! She is not just the nerd anymore. Why do I have such hospitable parents?!?!

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Never did my school see me without glasses, only my family and ofcourse Santana and her older brother, Joseph. His eyes are so hypnotizing and his lips are so tempting!!! Your supposed to be there 30 minutes ago!

Gosh what am I saying?!?!?! A very tall and a muscular guy with just the right shade of tan. These types of stories are spreading negative messages to readers. What a lot of Wattpad authors do is that they take a bully, make them look good and desirable and hot.

First off, bullies are called bullies for a reason- they taunt and hurt people, and they use their own pain and turn it into a weapon. You only wear those glasses because you have poor eyesight! The guy next door It was the last week of summer, I was sleeping in peace when the house next to us is so noisy!!!

When she meets bad boy, they immediately hate each other for some unknown reason. They get nasty- from cyberbullying to shoving people against lockers to slut shaming girls.

Is he taken then??? She needs to have a good sense of humor and can weave her way out of every fight with her smart mouth and her sass. You see we were rich family, this town is called"The Pavillion" But something happens that bring the two of them together and then, BOOM, they fall in love.Bad boy/good girl= girl that gets good grades and never gets into trouble falls in love with her polar opposite who loves trouble and is a bad influence on her.

Bully/nerd= girl is nerd and gets bullied by bully who is hot and mysterious but ends up falling in love with him by the end of the story.

When Bad Boy meets his Nerd (UNDER REVISION)

Jun 24,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. YOU ARE READING. When Bad Boy meets his Nerd (UNDER REVISION) Romance. Janella lives a simple life, supporting family, fun modeling job, normal high school life, and very loving friends. Alexia has always been a bad girl all her life.

She loves breaking the rules,but who doesn't,bad girls get to have all the fun. One day Mr. Williams,the science teacher partnered bad girl Alexia up with Zander (The Little Nerd Boy).Reviews: Dec 24,  · Best Answer: I love bad boys!

Wattpad is great it's free and there's a lot of bad boy good girl / bad romances you don't have to sign up but you get you get to track down new chapter by the author quicker! I've read more than stories there >.bad boy good girl freak haha but you see I hate books Status: Resolved.

Jul 14,  · This video is based on an incredible story that you guys can read on Wattpad.

Nerd Meets Bad Boy

It's called "The Bad Boy's Girl" by JessGirl93 and it's the most amazing story.

Bad boy meets a nerd girl wattpad
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