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Hearsay is an evidential issue that is evident in the case of Valerie verses Donald.

United Kingdom Crime Commentary. United kingdom, [] http: Accessed December 26, Therefore, it is upon the court to control the floe the flow of the evidences from both parties. Moreover, one witness Thomas already mistaken to identify George [28]. Moreover, he told his counsel, however, that he has had a sexual relationship with Valerie for some time, and that Valerie has had such relationships with a number of the fathers at the school.

Law of Evidence Question

According to Zander, [5] PACE majorly deals with powers of the police in searching premises and the individuals, including their entry powers to the premises and also in handling of the exhibits they seize during the searches, and suspects treatments once they are in police custody and during interview.

Oxford University Press sixth edition Roberts, P. One day PC Gently accepts a lift home from the school from Donald where he stopped the car in a secluded place and grabs her and he was arrested.

Relevance and courts control This is the most basic rule of evidence in that when a party introduces an item in court as an evidence during trial, it must very relevant to the issue or matter before the court.

It is submitted that a normal 11 years old child would be. This was a violation of PACE section 82 1. This implied that a rape victim who kept her experiences secret for many years is disadvantaged in the court.

As a child under 14 Thomas must give unsworn evidence. From the above discussion it is highly likely that the prosecution will be able to adduce the written statement of Harry at the trial.

However, in the will, there was a devised portion to a former servant, Wright. Although Thomas is not in an age where he might be expected to be able to give live testimony as he is nervous in giving evidence in court according to the facts but he may be accompanied by an adult to provide support for example his mother who have no personal involvement in this case.

In the case scenario of Valarie and a Donald, the defendant who is Donald, makes an allegation as part of his defence about the past sexual history of Valerie.

It could make allegations against a defendant more likely be true but the trial should not be used to investigate the truth of a previous allegation.Get topics by professional writers.

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Law of Evidence Question. Category: Law. Tags: act evidence law. Essay type (EVIDENCE OF BAD CHARACTER IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Report on a reference under. Defendant's Bad Character Revision.

The following is a plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Criminal Evidence text version has had its formatting removed so pay attention to its contents alone rather than its presentation.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Bad Character Evidence. Essay Freelance Writers. Home; ORDER NOW; UK Law of Evidence. by Brainywriter October 1, January 4, UK Law of Evidence. Introduction. Cases of sexual assault entail special evidentiary issues. They reveal a great conflict in scenario Bad character evidence is presented by PC Gently who pretended to be a mother with a child.

UK Essays; Writing Services. Essay Services; Essay Writing Service; The evidence of bad character is an interesting area which have often been brought up by academician and judges like Professor Hoffman to its disputable and uncertainty of status, and so it have been describe as a law which is complex, unprincipled and riddled with.

Scott Pearce’s Master Essay Method - Evidence Approach EVIDENCE APPROACH Character Evidence - three factors: a. The purpose for presenting character evidence b.

UK Law of Evidence

The method of proving character c. Civil / Criminal distinctions 2. Habit and routine practice They look bad to me.”.

Bad character evidence uk essay writers
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