Brand concept formulation

Is your brand promise believable and credible?


Will it help you make more effective marketing and branding decisions? The concepts tested included the following combinations of variables for production formulation, packaging, and brand names: We are only Number 2, but we try harder Wharton Business School: We keep them on track, on through to the end.

Lab testing and application formulation. Concepted product line, optimized formulation and guided production start-up.

How we work

By examining the essence of what you are and comparing it with what your customers want, the doors open to building a business with a strong positioning in the mind of the customer.

This concept exhibited an unexpectedly high revenue potential, based on higher than expected purchase volume and frequency among the target segment. Now comes the hard part: Developed positioning and selling story, usage applications. Her career began in advertising where brand communication and brand perception strategies helped clients drive demand and build consumer or customer loyalty for clients that ranged from restaurant chains to retailers, consumer packaged goods to commodity boards.

Analytical Consulting Services If you would like more information on our Concept Testing or Analytical Consulting Services or would like to discuss a possible project, please contact Jerry W.

Turn everything you do into an expression of your desired positioning and you can create something special. Positioning statements are for internal use. His technical expertise is sought by international chains, food and ingredient manufacturers and commodity boards.

The short-haul, no-frills, and low-priced airline Avis: Every member of your organization that touches the customer has to be the perfect expression of your position. Services are provided to industry partners.

Marketing Research Objectives The primary objective of this research was to determine the most promising product concepts based on consumer acceptance and revenue potential. Ongoing technical services, new ingredients research, clean label advisement and new technologies for school foodservice.

Created brand identity name, logo, selling story and guided creative development. Qualified respondents were primary grocery shoppers and recent category users.General Formulations perforated vinyl approved by OUTFRONT MEDIA General Formulations Concept ® (50/50—50% transparency) and Concept® (60/% transparency) were both recently approved by OUTFRONT MEDIA to be used on bus windows for advertising.

As a privately owned supply chain solutions company, Genysis provides their brand partners with a full range of back-end services so that brand owners can focus on building their brands.

From concept development and flavoring, to custom formulation, and comprehensive ingredient sourcing — we specialize in delivering best-in-class. The winning concept featured the following combination: new packaging, healthier formulation, and new “kid-oriented” brand name. This concept generated the highest Sales Potential Index™, a proprietary model combining consumer acceptance, expected purchase frequency and volume, and reaction to suggested price.

The authors propose a perspective of abstract brand concepts based on human values. When attempting to localize a brand, are there particular brand meanings that are (in)compatible with an existing brand concept?

If so, what is the combined effect of adding a novel brand meaning that is incompatible with an existing brand concept but. Brand Concept Development. the images on the right side you will be able to understand the process and the ideas behind the creation of the concept used to build this brand using the Explorer as the Archetype.

Latest Posts. In the 21st Century, Businesses Need an Online Presence. I can utilize my extensive experience to build your concept into a brand from formulation, compliance, sourcing, packaging, copy, supply chain, production to launch.

Brand concept formulation
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