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The owners of factories and mines should take the pledge of not engaging child in their place of business on moral grounds. In some culture there is a tradition of heredity based occupation. When children are engaged as laborers, they are deprived of normal childhood. These little children will become the learned citizens and earn name, fame, and money for the country.

Child are seen engaged in child labor on account of the following causes. An increase in employment opportunity, both skilled and unskilled, for adults would help in overcoming the problem of poverty and child labor.

This severely damages the future prospects of the children.

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Child labor has been an international concern. Since, the success of a country largely depends on its future generation, any nation with a large pool of child laborers would have very less chance of becoming a major economy.

Illiterate and unskilled population cannot make a great nation. Child labor is a serious social problemnot only in India but also in other developing countries. Causes of Child Labor Highly populous developing countries, such as India have a large number of people are below the poverty line BPL.

The health of such children remains poor. The law in Indian soil says that any child below age of 14 cannot be employed either in a factory or office or restaurant. Children are often engaged as domestic aid as there is less possibility of them being dishonest or violent.

The parents of children are not aware of the possible harmful effects of child labor on their children. They get very few opportunities for playing games and sports. They often believe that there is nothing wrong is the child doing manual tasks because it will help him learn the traits of the business.

Children working withing industrial complexes are exposed to industrial noise. Since children grow up to become illiterate adults, and get very few job opportunities.

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See 2 authoritative translations of Childhood in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. Speaking Spanish in the USA - As a child, I had to navigate from an English speaking classroom to a Spanish speaking home.

From eight in the morning I was given instruction in English by my professors at school. Spanish Essay] Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. The Spanish Inquisition - Political power acts as a foundation for. The primary NIH organization for research on Children's Health is the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Other Languages Find health information in languages other than English on Children's Health.

Child labor (alternate spelling: child labour) refers to the employment of children by commercial and business enterprises in ways that are detrimental or exploitative to the overall growth of the child.

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Child essay spanish
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