Ethics from different cultures

Ethical Relativism

Feminists tend to be more lenient or sympathetic towards the less fortunate, whereas, people from masculine cultures are not as sympathetic to less fortunate members of society and would not make exceptions in applying behavioral standards in their case.

Magnanimity with great honors 6. This approach suggest that there is a single right or wrong that does not differ by context or situation. How moral standards Ethics from different cultures applied also are affected by PD.

That is to say that the virtues are, and necessarily must be, grounded in a particular time and place. There are a variety of resources online that provide cultural information about countries around the world.

A cross-cultural comparison of ethical attitudes of business managers.

Virtue ethics

Some virtue theorists concede this point, but respond by opposing the very notion of legitimate legislative authority instead, effectively advocating some form of anarchism as the political ideal.

This is a general tip for all writing, but avoiding slang terms will ensure your words are not misconstrued and taken other than your intended meaning. The Resource Desk collects thousands of resources organized by topics in international business.

Rather, it means that he may be holding that autonomy in a frame of moral reference that cannot conceive of his own free will without it being granted by a higher power. Focusing on writing to complex audiences will allow you to relate to people from many different backgrounds.

Instead, ads in Europe are disseminated on mainstream marketing channels, such as television and online, with a growing number of ads being tailored to mobile devices.

Of all the management practices we have discussed, ethics is the least well defined in terms of concepts and behaviors.

Difference between Western and Eastern Ethics

However, as cultures and businesses continue to integrate around the globe, this difference in perspective is likely to dissipate over time. Avoid mentioning holiday names, for example; "During the Christmas Season Plato believes virtue is effectively an end to be sought, Ethics from different cultures which a friend might be a useful means.

Furthermore, Western Ethics places more emphasis on law and justice, whereas Eastern Ethics states that one must do what is right and expected and the universe will take care of the rest.

These are short chapters, so please read each. If coworkers have previously written to your audience, they may be able to offer insight as to how your writing will be interpreted.

Magnificence with great wealth and possessions 5. Also originally based in religious philosophy, the Golden Rule states, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I understand that ethical principles are statements of absolute value and universal worth. People familiar with you and the company provide the best information about the expectations of your audience.

Therefore, Levi-Strauss reached an agreement to send the children back to school while continuing to receive their wages partly from the contractor companies and partly from Levi-Strauss.

People dress differently, eat differently, speak different languages, sing different songs, have different music and dances and have many different customs. Attitudes toward gender, race, disabilities, or sexual orientation differ around the world, and each country approaches the topic of diversity differently.

For instance, some cultures stand very close to each other when talking and some prefer to have distance. Relativism theorizes that truth is different for different people, not simply that different people believe different things to be true.

Be Mindful and Respectful of Religious Beliefs: This approach considers a weighing of the advantages and disadvantages of a decision and choosing what is best.Thought Question: Applying ethics to human rights: Take a popular human rights topic, such as treatment of women in some Middle Eastern cultures (including female genital mutilation, a practice allowed in some cultures).

Compare ethical stances (as presented by Shuter or by Martin, Flores, & Nakayama)—how would different approaches treat this. Differences in Culture and Business Ethics in the US & Europe by Joseph DeBenedetti - Updated September 26, If you’re an American trying to do business in Europe, then knowing cultural and ethical differences will help you accomplish your objectives.

The Importance of Values and Culture in Ethical Decision Making Authored By: Christine Chmielewski Ethical standards are the standards of our environment that are acceptable to most people.

The view that there is no such thing as universal truth in ethics, but that there are only various cultural codes is called cultural relativism The five propositions listed on p. 16 are all mutually consistent with each other—i.e., if one is true, then they all must be true or if one is false, then they all must be false, because they each are saying basically the.

Dec 15,  · But human beings often behave irrationally - they follow their 'gut instinct' even when their head suggests a different course of action. However, ethics does provide good tools for thinking about moral issues. Ethics can provide a moral map. Most moral issues get us pretty worked up - think of abortion and euthanasia for starters.

Can Different Cultures Think the Same Thoughts?: A Comparative Study in Metaphysics and Ethics - Kindle edition by Kenneth Dorter.

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Ethics from different cultures
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