Extensionless url rewriting asp net machine

Reduced the disk space necessary for restoring particular objects from backups stored in remote storage. It is now possible to define what features and controls both the main administrator and additional administrators can access using Restricted Mode known before as Custom View.

Improved detection of SSL protocol to communicate between the source and target servers. The Domain Connect extension is now installed by default with Plesk.

Dropped support for Windows R2. PPP Dropbox Backup no longer shows an error when backups created more than 30 days ago are stored in Dropbox. Here is what you can do: Security-related screens were redesigned to make them more convenient and usable.

PMT If an invalid or improperly formatted custom destination path is specified during migration, Site Import will now automatically correct it. PPP Auto-reply mail handler now correctly processes incoming messages without final multipart boundary.

When users synchronize data between WordPress instances, Files And Databases option is now selected by default, as opposed to Files Only option. Cleaned up APS catalog leaving only most popular and important applications.

Now they do not hang if one of them hangs and hung processes are closed. Server administrators using Plesk versions earlier than Plesk Onyx Updated phpMyAdmin to version 4.

Enable or disable an installed extension.

PPP Windows Improved chances of successful data recovery after the server crash. PPP Auto-reply no longer fails with an error if the response frequency is reached.

PPPM Restoring a full server backup no longer results in warnings if specific configuration lines were added to the [php] section of the panel. Extension Updates WordPress Toolkit 3. PPP Calling the mchk utility no longer disables the usage of short mail account names in Postfix.

Linux Updated Dovecot and Pigeonhole to versions 2. The Atomic ModSecurity rule sets both free and paid are not shown any more because they are not supported by these operating systems. Users can now clearly see when a new website screenshot is being made.

When specifically named mail folders are used, switching from Courier IMAP to Dovecot no longer leads to server crash. PPP The Wdcollect service is now stopped correctly.

Plesk Documentation and Help Portal

When you clone WordPress instances, Search Engine Indexing is now turned off for the clones by default. Get detailed information about an installed extension.

The PageSpeed module is now precompiled with nginx. Uninstall an installed extension. Now these images are based on Plesk Find out about changes, additions and updates to Plesk Onyx on an iteration to iteration basis.

12/13/ mi-centre.com and Web Tools (Release Candidate) 08/15/ Visual Studio mi-centre.com Framework is RELEASED - Here's 5 minute videos to get you up to speed quick.

Extensionless url rewriting asp net machine
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