Factors affecting students absenteeism abstract

Mayeku further concurs, establishing that inadequate staffing leads to heavy burdening of the staff and this has a great impact on the quality of the services they offer as a result affecting the quality of the programmes.

This fosters positive interaction among students of diversity and increases the likelihood of graduating thus decreasing the dropout rate. This can be explained by the fact that these teachers were still undergoing and were therefore not yet equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills required for the profession.

First, we will give a definition of tardiness and present some theories and facts about it. The authors added film-watching late at night as a cause for tardiness.

Counselors should also support legislation and policies that work to eliminate discrimination of minority students in schools and diminish socioeconomic disparities. This is a group counseling setting that focuses on all aspects of life, including substance use, high risk sexual behaviors, esteem building and career planning.

Data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health and Adolescent Health and Academic Achievement suggested that students attracted to others of the same sex suffer academically, primarily because of risk factors including emotional distress and substance use.

They therefore added little value to the students they taught. It has the goal of understanding and correcting such undesirable pupil behavior. The coefficient of determination, R2 was.

One deputy principal agreed that the older teachers had longer teaching experience and has enabled them to employ varied and most appropriate teaching methods that would enable students perform well in examinations.

It is a vicious cycle for anyone who struggles to cope with the difficulties their environment may pose. Training staff and students to promote understanding and positive interaction between students and teachers and among students is a crucial component of building a healthy school environment.

The tardy student also poses as a threat to the school as an educational and professional institution and the student may be one of the less productive members of the society.

Kwesiga approved that performance of the students is also influenced by the school in which they studied but he also said that number of facilities a school offers usually determine the quality of the school, which in turn affect the performance and accomplishment of its students.

Generally, the results showed that the respondents are seldom late in class because of late-night use of the social networking site.

Developing prevention and intervention techniques will go beyond education to modeling how teachers should handle situations in which students are being harassed or discriminated against.

In return, students under these behavior modification programs yielded less tardiness and higher grades. His views were echoed by the deputy principals in their interviews. D degree will increase performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education by 0.

A complementary regression analysis was performed to identify the influence of teacher factors on Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education performance.

The study was very comprehensive in its subject matter. From the interviews with the deputy principals, a deputy principal of a school that excelled in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education stated that only teachers who were holders of a Bachelor of Education degree and above were hired to teach in the school, even by the Board of Management.Correspondingly, Calvo et al.

() in a study titled: ‘Factors Affecting Students’ Experiences’ established that supportive teachers and their ability to explain clearly were the most influential factors that impacted students’ satisfaction.

FACTORS INFLUENCING STUDENT'S ABSENTEEISM IN UNIVERSITY LEVEL (UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARA WAK) Model of Factors Affecting Subject Interest LIST OF TABLES university attendance and students absenteeism.

It provided a lot of literature that observes correlations and factors affecting a student's tardiness.

Action Research on Student and Pupil Absenteeism in School

As cited by Weade, the 3rd most common cause for the failure of a student is "excessive tardiness and unexcused absences" (Ligon and Jackson, ).

THE EFFECT OF STUDENT’S ATTENDANCE ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: A CASE STUDY AT SIMAD UNIVERSITY MOGADISHU a number of studies have examined the relationship between students' attendance (or absenteeism) and academic performance, generally finding that attendance FACTORS AFFECTING.

Factors Contributing to the Students Academic Performance: A Case Study of Islamia University Sub-Campus Study time is one of the most important factors affecting the student scores. Fahad Munir, Hamid Khan, Awais Ahmed.

Factors Contributing to the Students Academic Performance: A Case Study of Islamia. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss research into the complex dynamics of motivation in students; examine the underlying assumptions, orientations, theoretical frameworks and contributing factors that may affect academic motivation such as cultural predictors, discrimination, socio-economic background, as well as other variables.

Factors affecting students absenteeism abstract
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