Issue in strategic management in vietnam vinamilk case

Possible In this case, the firm will face a high intensity and high economic development. Activities for environmental protection During the production process, Vinamilk strictly manages and controls liquid and solid waste.

Finally, the firm also encouraged its employees to participate in the blood donation campaign to help community and society. Besides, Viet Nam is considered as the country has the most stable political, and that is competitative advantage to attract many foreign investments.

In fact, social responsibility will make life better for employees and community as well as improve economic environment. The company can use latest technology to increase productivity.

Social responsibility will support organization in getting profit maintain sustainable development in the long term. The firm can increase more sales volume, sales revenue and profits because of great economic condition. OK This scenario presents a low intensity and bad economic condition.

However, functional foods are current launched in Vietnam and so they can create high pressure on the milk industry. The firm also complies with Employees Law of Viet Nam such as employees can work 8 hour per day and pay retirement pension.

In the producing process of Vinamilk products, the company will waste solid waste such as milk and liquid waste. The company can build strong goodwill to customers and increase loyal customers if it has good code of ethics and activities for society.

This is very good scenario for any organization. Inthis rate was 5. The company has to ensure arrange jobs, places and working conditions light, room space, workstation, seating, etc according to labor contract.

A favorable condition for new entrants is that retail network is available in Vietnam. The firm is facing an economic downturn since but it is still developing because of low intensity from rivals. Besides, the firm really focuses on training for employees and all employees are trained to contribute to success of the company.

Besides, the imported products will be tariffed import tax and so domestic firms still maintain their competitive advantages.

In other words, a firm is very hard to grow in the long term if it forgets code of ethics and social responsibility. There are only famous and well-known companies who can survive in this scenario 9. In Vietnam, most of organization focuses on the social responsibility to gain the sustainable increases in sales.

Moreover, female employees can retire at 55 years old and male employees can retire at 60 years old, etc. During 10 years, this fund awarded 34 thousands of scholarships with over VND 19 billion for 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Moreover, it can increase more profits and get high market share. The campaign had participation of 12 departments and donated about blood units. Especially, the company also gives 1. For example, workers have to wear protective clothing and helmet at construction areas.

If a company is corporate social responsibility, it can increase its revenues and profits, build goodwill to customers and receive supports from local Government. Economic factor GDP Growth rate: The inflation rate in Vietnam is also unstable because Vietnamese economy has affected economic crisis since In addition, a new entrant, who wants to involve in this industry, has to invest a huge amount of money.

The firm can develop and grow much in this case. In summary, complying with business ethics and implementing social responsibility will ensure for sustainable development for the organization.

Indeed, the social responsibility will increase revenue for any organization if it has appropriate strategies.

Environmental factor is always one of the biggest issues in the World and businesses. Furthermore, the firm can face high intensity of competitors and substitutes in this scenario.

However, their nutrition and quality cannot totally replace milk. Therefore, due to attractiveness of milk market in Vietnam, there will be more foreign competitors, who will penetrate into Vietnamese market in the future, and the domestic competitors increase investment to gain market share.

In this scenario, the intensity is high and economic condition is good. This case is very desirable case because less competitors and increase of economic growth. Inthe firm awarded scholarships, about VND 1 billion for pupils.

Although there is bad economic condition, the firm also survives in this case because of low intensity.such as: euromonitor, and Vinamilk's annual reports. In order to make a strategic development plan, the sustainable development plan publicized by Vinamilk is utilized. Based on the gathered FIGUREs and the historical records of the case company, a suitable plan will be suggested for the upcoming three years.

Vinamilk is the leading dairy company in Vietnam, located in the top 10 brands in ambition of the company is ranked in the list of 50 largest dairy company in the world. Vinamilk, the short name of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock company, is the leading dairy company in Vietnam with 37% of market share nationwide (Vinamilk annual reportp.9) [2].

Vinamilk decisions are always influenced by the environment they operate in. such as the new Ultrahigh-temperature processing line that allows pasteurised milk to have virtually no taste and smell difference.

Vinamilk was too focused on the issue of costs spent in recruiting and employer, so that dropping the stage of recruitment.

Besides, managing conflict of Vinamilk was not satisfactory as the cohesion of the individual in the company wasn't ineffective.

Vinamilk has large scales in milk market in Vietnam and it is one of the most famous companies in domestic market. The boards of management are well training, has good experience, understands the market and has good relationships with suppliers.

Issue in strategic management in vietnam vinamilk case
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