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Essays from a Comparative Perspective, ed. A maximum of 30 credits from another institution of higher learning can be considered for transfer into this program.

Credits completed during the Qualifying year may be applied toward the credit requirement.

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Personal Statement, according to the directions in the application. A student in probationary standing returns to satisfactory standing by completing 12 additional credits with a GPA of at least 2. The lectures are given by distinguished visitors, usually in late September or early October.

As a first degree 90 or creditsit offers a more intensive study of Christianity than is available within the Bachelor of Arts B. Withdrawal Procedures In case of withdrawal from the University prior to the published course withdrawal deadline, the student must withdraw from all courses via Minerva.

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

The online application process should take about 20 minutes and a credit card is required for payment of the application fee. Sacred Texts and Social Textures, ed. Gupta and Kenneth R. John Carman and Mark Juergensmeyer, pp. David, Job, Maryand common motifs e.

School of Religious Studies

Applicants for admission to one of the affiliated Colleges should contact the institution concerned for information regarding College-related fees. In my explorations of bhakti and embodiment I discuss the historical shift from Vedic traditions to post-Vedic bhakti traditions, which is accompanied by a shift from abstract, translocal notions of divinity to particularized, localized notions of divinity and a corresponding shift from aniconic to iconic traditions and from temporary sacrificial arenas to established temple sites.

You can find full instructions on how to prepare, upload, and submit relevant documents at www. State University of New York Press, expected Graduation Requirements The B.

To enter the credit program, you must have completed a B. Those seeking the degree and not sponsored by one of the three colleges associated with the Faculty will need to clear their course selections with the Chair of the B.

Sacred space is a category of spatial perception and practice that has served as one of the principal means by which religious communities in South Asia have represented, experienced, and shaped their natural, social, and cultural landscapes. Minerva provides web access to registration, class schedules, course descriptions, etc.

Sinha, and Shalva Weil, pp. Cambridge and New York: A student whose standing is still "incomplete" at the time of registration for the next academic year must obtain a Letter of Permission to Register from the Chair of the B.

All applicants must apply online. Once a student has made the request and has been approved for the program the B. Use this Audit Sheet to track your progress. The visiting professor teaches one course at the level, gives a public lecture, and is available to students for conferences and consultation.

To enter the credit degree program from outside Quebec, you must hold a high school diploma, unless you qualify as a mature student. Routledge Press, expected Comparative Analysis as Critical Method.

Connecting Cultures Outside of and in Spite of the West. The course selection form needs to be signed also by the Chair of the B. Comparative Studies in Judaism and Hinduism, ed. Doctor of Philosophy Ph.

Your referee must download and use the BTh Reference Form, available at www. Committee to discuss their qualifications, expectations, and objectives. Overview of Degrees Offered: Academic Achievement Several designations are used to acknowledge the superior academic achievement of in-course and graduating students.

Pratap Kumar and Jonathan Duquette. Hindu traditions provide extensive, elaborate, and multiform discourses of the body, and a sustained investigation of these discourses can contribute in significant ways to scholarship on the body in the history of religions as well as in the human sciences generally.

To enter the credit program, the applicant must have completed a B.Barbara Holdrege. Professor Ph.D., Harvard University Area: South Asian Traditions and Jewish Traditions Office: a collection of essays by specialists in South Asia and in Judaica that provides a critical assessment of prevailing theories of sacrifice in the The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University 35 ().

The Age of Secularization (Mcgill-queen's Studies in the History of Ideas) [Augusto Del Noce] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Augusto Del Noce is widely considered one of Italy’s foremost philosophers and political thinkers in the second half of the twentieth century. He is also remembered as an original and profound cultural critic5/5(3).

Torrance Kirby currently is Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the School of Religious Studies, McGill University. Torrance does research in Philosophy and the Abrahamic Religions, History of. Bio of Vanderbilt University Department of Religious Studies faculty.

An important aspect of its work is the oversight of the common programme offered in affiliation with the McGill University School of Religious Studies by the Montreal Diocesan Theological College (Anglican/Episcopal), the Presbyterian College, and the United Theological College. Arvind Sharma of McGill University, Montréal (McGill) with expertise in: Ethics, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.

Read 68 publications, and contact Arvind Sharma on ResearchGate, the.

Mcgill religious studies essays
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