Nonprofit business plan financials example

A SWOT analysis of your grant applications could include how likely you will be able to win them, as well as increases or decreases in grant amounts.

Examples of Financial Plans for Not-for-profit Organizations

If other organizations are also doing charity runs, you should explain how your run will be different, from a perspective of both strengths and weaknesses. Market Opportunities When listing market opportunities and writing a competitive analysis, a common approach is to use a SWOT analysis — Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Financial Details The last section of a financial plan lists all the nuts and bolts of your finances, your expected revenue and the details of your expenses.

Many organizations put this information into a spreadsheet and then copy and paste it into the document.

Business Planning for Nonprofits

The executive summary does as its name suggests, summarizing the contents of the plan in a few paragraphs for busy people like executives. Contingencies The financial plan should include all of the contingency plans you have, should your primary market opportunities fall through or fall short.

The revenue section would typically include: This should include other organizations providing similar services or fundraising in the same area, at the same times of year, or those that are using similar fundraising techniques.

Depending on the structure of your not-for-profit, this section can also include a council of elders; leaders in the community who will be helping; an advisory council, key committee volunteers, an operations committee and a strategic planning committee. The executive summary is usually written last because it highlights the most important aspect of the financial plan, like how much money you expect to generate and the major programs and services to be developed.

If you are applying for grants, those should be included in this section. This section of your financial plan should briefly describe the key people in the organization and the skills and expertise they bring with them.

Sample Nonprofit Business Plans

As an example, if you have decided that a charity run will be a good fundraising event, you should explain why that should be the case, such as a renewed interest in running in your community.

This begins with your board of directors, followed by the executive director and then the key management positions, including those responsible for fundraising and finance.

For example, if you are applying for a grant to pay for the costs of that charity run, you should include any back up plans to raise money in time for the event should that grant be denied.Aug 27,  · A nonprofit business plan will include many of the same sections of a standard business plan.

If you’d like to start simple, you can download our free business plan template as a Word document, and adjust it /5(84). Non-profit Business: Example Business Plan. Are you looking to start a non-profit? We’ve created an example business plan to help provide guidance to get it.

Specifically, this includes, where you plan to get money, how you will get it, hwhere you plan to spend it, and what the amounts are. Components of a Financial Plan While all not-for-profit organizations are different, their financial. The Balance Sheet is the last of the financial statements that you need to include in the Financial Plan section of the business plan.

The Balance Sheet presents a picture of your business' net worth at a particular point in time. A business plan is the action plan, identifying the tasks, milestones, and goals, but also identifying the potential for success and the potential risks ahead, given the nonprofit’s “competitive advantages” and the environment in which it operates.

Sample business plans from nonprofit organizations with which The Bridgespan Group has worked.

Non-profit Business: Example Business Plan

For nonprofit organizations, the business-planning process offers a rare opportunity to step back and look at the organization as a whole.

Nonprofit business plan financials example
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