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Other documents like partnership deeds, proof of place of business and Specimen of Affidavit. This form of company brings you with the simplest and easiest ways of carrying business without any risk of infringement.

Persons who have entered into partnership with one another are called individually "partners" and collectively called "Partnership firm" and the name under which Partnership firm firm is carried, which is called partnership firm name.

The rules and regulations for partnership firm registration is controlled and maintained under Indian Partnership Act The Articles of Partnership define the obligations, responsibilities and roles of each partner and how the profits and losses will be shared and states who the general and limited partners are.

After a registrar gets confirm with each and every document; Partnership firm apply for the certification of partnership firm and Partnership firm for commencement of business in India. Unless otherwise stated a general partner may act on behalf of the partnership without any limitations.

Proof of inward remittance or affidavit manifesting intention not to register investment with the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas. The registration of the firm may be effected at any time by sending or by delivering to the registrar of the area in which any place of business of the firm is situated or proposed to be situated ,a statement in the prescribed form and accompanied by prescribed fee stating the firm name ,the place or principal place of the business of the firm ,the names of any other places where the firm carries on business ,the date at which each partner joined the firm ,the names in full and permanent addresses of the partners and the duration of the firm.

As in India a country with democratic corporate environment; it is mandatory to get register your company before commencing with any of the business tasks.

Registration of the firm takes effect from the date of entry in register of firm. Steps and requirements to register a partnership with the SEC are: Minimum partners should be atleast two and maximum 10 and be sure the company name should not conflict with any other government company or department, society or trust name, religion symbol or organization.

There are several points that one needs to follow if one wants to apply for certificate of partnership firm registration.

Here, below we bring you with complete procedure for registration a partnership firm: Partnership must be dissolved upon the death of one of its general partners. File all the documents with the SEC, upon payment of the requisite filing fees.

By law a limited partner is not allowed to participate actively in the management of the partnership or control of the business operations. General partners are personally legally responsible for all the obligations of the partnership. The statement shall be signed by all the partners, especially authorized in this behalf.

With two or person you can start your business while getting registration as partnership firm.

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Partnership firm
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