Pbsl1114cardiovascular dynamics laboratory report

As different serum proteins have Pbsl1114cardiovascular dynamics laboratory report sizes, they move at different rates under electrophoresis. The flow tube radius change allowed for faster flow. The stronger the color intensity of the band of that serum protein, the higher concentration of that protein.

Since bromophenol blue carries negative charges at pH 8. Describe an advantage of slower blood velocity in some areas of the body, for example, in the capillaries of our fingers.

Explain the effect that pressure changes had on flow rate. Analyzing of the electrophoresis band by Quantiscan gave a chromatogram so as to differentiate and identify the serum proteins.

In addition tracking dye Bromophenol blue was used in this experiment to monitor the process and indicate the stopping time of the experiment as it travels more rapidly than the serum proteins in the supporting medium.

The buffer applied should be unreactive with serum proteins so as to give the accurate result. When put under an electric field, proteins with different mobility migrates towards the electrode at different speed. The points on the plot start at 0 radius and increase to flow as the radius increases.

Discuss the effect that polycythemia would have on viscosity and on blood flow. While the driving force is the force allowing the protein to migrate, the resisting force is an opposite force opposing the movement of the protein.

Materials and Methods Sample loading First, the cellulose membrane was saturated with barbital buffer and the buffer saturated membrane was transferred to a filter paper. It causes added pressure to the heart, which could end up causing a heart attack with continued high blood pressure.

The negatively charged proteins move to anode, a positive terminal and the rate of mobility of different serum proteins is determined by the balance between the driving force and the frictional force acting on them. Discussion It was predicted that 5 peaks will be observed in the chromatogram.

Introductory Biochemical Laboratory Lab Report 4

Globulin, it also acts as enzyme and carrier of compounds in the body, e. From lying to sitting to standing, more blood is pulled downward by gravity to the lower part of the body, making less venous return thus lowering the stroke volume.

Physio Ex Lab Exercise 5 Cardiovascular Dynamics 1-4 Essay - Part 4

As the viscosity increased, the blood flow decreased 2. Staining of membrane First, the membrane was stained by Ponceau-S and then it was de-stained by acetic acid for three times.

The driving force depends on four factors which are the number and kind of charges per molecules, the degree of dissociation of the molecules in the buffer, the magnitude of the electrical field and the temperature.

As blood vessels dilate vasodilatationblood flow is increased. Is the relationship between blood vessel length and blood flow rate directly proportional or inversely proportional? How does the plot differ from the plots for tube radius, viscosity, and tube length? In the experiment of cellulose acetate zonal electrophoresis, barbital buffer and bromophenol blue were used in the steps of sample loading and staining of membrane.

The receptors will then relay the information to CNS and indirectly leads to the increase in HR by autonomic nervous system.mechanical engineering science 3 dynamics lab report: wheel and accelerationsyed awn mohammad () bachelors in mechanical engineering (bm 5/5(1).

Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory Report. 10 October Median; Justify your response. (maximum 4 line response) (5 marks) From lying to sitting to standing, the resting HR is expected to increase, which the effect is shown in the subject (lying mean value = 14 bpm, sitting mean value = 29 bpm and standing after 2 min = 80 bpm.

Population Dynamics Lab Report Report Materials: 1. The Population Dynamics Virtual Lab Activity 2. Population Dynamics Lab Report Table 1: Predation and Carrying Capacity. PbslCardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory Report PBSL Physiology for Human Movement Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory Report Student ID Due date and Value: This report must be submitted as a soft copy via email to [email protected] no later than pm 4 April Physics Laboratory Report Sample PHY Lab Report Newton's Second Law Your Name: Partner's Full Name(s): Date Performed: Date Due: Date submitted: Lab Section: (number) Instructor: (Name) Introduction We verified Newton's Second Law for one-dimensional motion by timing an.

Pbsl1114Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory Report

LIFS – Introductory Biochemical Laboratory Lab Report 4 Serum Electrophoresis Using Cellulose Acetate Name: CHAN Kin Yan ID Group No. 9 Date of Experiment: 1st March Abstract Electrophoresis is a useful tool to separate components in a mixture based on their charges and differential mobility.

Cardiovascular Dynamics Laboratory Report


Pbsl1114cardiovascular dynamics laboratory report
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