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By doing this it helps us in the selecting candidate because we would check all of the rating and choose the best candidate for the job. With regard to media, it may be stated that effectiveness of any recruiting message depends on the media.

Although positing jobs can be an efficient method of recruiting, numbers of problems have been associated. The costs generally incurred are - Salaries for recruiters ; management and professional time spent on preparing job, description, job specifications, advertisements, agency liaison, and so forth ; Cost of producing supporting literature ; Recruitment overheads and administrative expenses ; Cost of advertisements or other recruitment methods ; Cost of overtime and outsourcing while the vacancies remain unfilled ; Cost of recruiting suitable candidates for the selection procedure.

Analyse your contribution to the selection process Essay Sample

There is no guarantee that the enterprise will be able to attract right kinds of people from external sources. SELECTION Selection is the process of picking individuals out of the pool of job applicants with requisite qualifications and competence to fill jobs in the organization.

Recruitment and Selection Process Essay Sample 1. In the final analysis, organizations recruit where experience and circumstances dictate likely success. Past research shows that the competency level of HR managers has a major influence on recruitment and selection and experienced HR experts within the HR department will not only shorten vacancy duration, but also improve the quality of the applicants.

One growing area of concern is social media. The type of research will be descriptive research 3. Technological Sophistication The second decision in strategy development relates to the methods used in recruitment and selection.

Overall the role-play went smooth. If steps are taken to ensure a fair internal promotional process, most people will accept their loss and remain productive and useful organizational citizen.

The whole group done 15 questions and after as a group, we had to talk to each other to create 15 questions for interview. In some cases applicants take competitive examinations.

The candidates who clear the preliminary interview are required to fill application blank. Recognizing this, many adopt an incremental strategy in which initial efforts are concentrated in regional or local labour markets and expanded only if these efforts fail to achieve the desired results.

While there are areas where not enough teachers are currently available, particularly in STEM fields and foreign language instruction, overall there would be enough available teachers to fill positions if and only if school districts make it a priority to keep and retain existing teachers rather than watch them leave for more lucrative fields.

From these 15 questions we chosen 7 questions to ask to the candidate, we agreed that these questions are not boring and open question to make sure that we will have good communication with the candidate.

Evaluation is based on the solution and approach of the applicants. Internal sources of recruitment Internal sources are the most obvious sources.

This is considered to be the opposite of a structured interview which offers a set amount of standardized questions 3. I think when I was using the evaluation table I have been fair on the interviewee because I checked my answers with the other 2 interviewers, our results are similar and there is barely difference which shows that we all been fair on the candidate.

From this I learned that which questions could in an interview and what type of questions there will be. This is particularly so with recruitment and selection policies and practices. Set up test for the short listed candidates.

Essay: Recruitment and Selection Process in Education

It demands careful planning. Sources of recruitment It refers to the methods or sources of recruitment. Number of contacts Organizations, nearly always, plan to attract more applicants than they will hire.

The organizations will have to offer some kind of training to the applicants, almost immediately after hiring. However, it increases the chances that an organization will remain stagnant and closed to new ideas.

The applications received must be screened. The Ministry of Education, with the support of its development partners, aims to address these challenges to ensure that Afghan children enjoy a bright future.

A preset standardized questions. In a cross national study of recruitment practices, suggests that, in reality, recruitment practices involve little or no attempt to validate practices.Recruitment and selection process Essay Recruitment and selection process Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

It is crucial to organisational performance. Recruitment and Selection Process Stages of recruitment and selection process – In a nut shell: 1.

Job analysis: Determining the different aspect of a job through job description and job specification Job description: Role within an organisation and lists the main tasks and responsibilities Job specification: Highlights the characteristics a candidate needs for a post and the desired qualities 2.

The recruitment and selection process is designed to create a system for identifying specific qualifications and traits for a particular position to maximize the possibility of success when hiring a candidate to fill a new or vacant position.

Currently, there is a growing need for more staff in the. Selection Process: Employee Selection is the process of putting right men on right Job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people.

Selection is the process of choosing from among the candidates from within the organization.

Recruitment and Selection Process Essay Sample

Analyse your contribution to the selection process Essay Sample. In this task we were told to do a role-play on the selection process. We were first told to do questions for candidates.

Recruitment and Selection Process Recruitment means the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing appropriate candidates to one or more jobs within an .

Selection process essay
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