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I realize this idea is embarrassing, since you are all descended from him; still, there it is. And with defamiliarization come both the slowing down and the increased difficulty impeding of the process of reading and comprehending and an awareness of the artistic procedures devices causing them.

It has taken much experimentation with materials and techniques to arrive at a method that produces satisfactory, but by no means perfect, results. He is looking so angrily!

Shklovsky then demonstrates his point with the works of Tolstoy and popular erotica, where the former describes events as if he saw them for the first time, and the latter utilizes euphemism and figurative language to heighten our expectation of pleasure.

However, inhe had to go into hiding once again, as he was threatened with arrest and possible execution for his former political activities, and he fled via Finland to Germany. Of course not all paintings are representational in the conventional sense, although one would be hard pressed to come up with an example of a painting that has no referent at all.

I can do what only a true artist can do--pounce upon the forgotten butterfly of a revelation, wean myself abruptly from the habit of things… More often than not I have no idea at the outset what the final picture will look like.

There is a strong correspondence, if not exact equivalence, among the broad distinctions between "perception-cognition" and "form-content," and similarities in the way they are thought to relate to each other in the operation of the mind in general and aesthetic experience in particular.

Art as Technique

Subsequently, the Russian Provisional Government sent him as an assistant Commissar to the Southwestern Front where he was wounded and got an award for bravery.

The first is the presentation of stimuli as forms devoid of precise and consciously apprehended meaning, and the second is the classification of those forms into semantically significant units, or concepts, that are understood.

The first factory was my family and school. During the First World Warhe volunteered for the Russian Army and eventually became a driving trainer in an armoured car unit in St. Normal visual experience consists in at least two functions that are complementary but nevertheless dissociable.

Shklovsky is perhaps best known for developing the concept of ostranenie or defamiliarization also translated as "estrangement" in literature. The blue color pales. To the horse, the significant relationship between people who own other people is not the idea of ownership; rather, the horse understands this relationship by the actual interactions therein by the deeds or actions.

Shklovsky 19 This technique is meant to be especially useful in distinguishing poetry from prose, for, as Aristotle said, "poetic language must appear strange and wonderful" Shklovsky History[ edit ] According to De Guzman,Defamiliarization of that which is or has become familiar or taken for granted, hence automatically perceived, is the basic function of all devices.

The technique of art is to make these things "unfamiliar" and to make us more active, less passive, to make us exert more effort in perceiving things and thinking about them.

At the time that Shklovsky was writing, there was a change in the use of language in both literature and everyday spoken Russian. On the Dissimilarity of the Similartranslated in Energy of Delusion: The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known.

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Shklovsky and Modernism Shklovsky and Modernism research papers discuss how Art as a Technique makes the familiar into the unfamiliar. Art and literature are difficult to interpret,therefore students need to look towards the experts in order to understand art criticism. Men like Viktor Shklovsky exist in order to help students understand art as a technique and art theory.

Get an answer for 'How could you link the essay "Art as Technique" by Victor Shklovsky to literature to show the presence of defamiliarization in literature. Give examples from the literature. Art as Technique has 23 ratings and 4 reviews. zeynab said: it is a sufficient introductory essay for Russian Formalism theory and he actually used reall /5.

--Victor Shklovsky, "Art as Technique" [Born inVictor Shklovsky was a leading figure in the school of literary and linguistic theory known as Russian formalism.

Viktor Shklovsky

Shklovsky Art As Technique Essay - Shklovsky says that “The technique of art is to increase the difficulty and length of perception because the process of perception is an aesthetic end in itself and must be prolonged” (Shklovsky, Art as Technique, 21).

Shklovsky art as technique essay help
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