Social media boon or bane essay

Personal details like you full name, names of family members, birthday, address, phone numbers, schedules, place of employment, photos and etc.

Social networking: A boon or bane for youth?

Schools and colleges across India organize various competition such as speech competitions and essay competitions throughout the academic year and many students participate in them.

I have list few advantages and disadvantages of social networking. Tagged encourages its users to meet strangers based on shared interests, with the idea of growing your network to meet as many people as possible. We share our locations, pictures, events in our life, people we know and such information that reveal necessary details about you on the Internet as it is a worldwide network and anyone can see and access your information.

What are their advantages and disadvantages and what are the effects of this social networking to an individual. It was mostly teenagers and young adults who used the social media but now, even our grandparents are catching Social media boon or bane essay with the trend of following celebrities on Twitter and regularly updating their profile pictures on Facebook.

Social Networking Essay: Boon Or Bane

After the development of electronic computers in s, internet came into existence. A lot of people from the western countries and some even from India joined then because of this social media campaigns. InWikipedia started as an online encyclopaedia. Easiest Connection There is no easier on fastest way to make a connection than via social networking.

One can showcase their talents here as well! Social media has positive impact on teens in many ways. Due to social media, our immediate needs or even regular requirements are met with just some clicks away. Twitter makes it easy to opt into or out of networks.

It has become an addiction to checking the social media sites every now and then. Just by simply sending a friend request and accepting it, then starting a chat you can be easily be back in touch again. It is a social photo sharing website where users can create and manage image collections such as events, interest and hobbies.

Last year a lot of people reported their safety in Nepal Earthquake. Today, students learning in schools and colleges use social media to share their daily life with their friends. Social media helps strengthen relationships among teens.

Boon Or Bane I. Tagged is a blend of social networking features that MySpace and Facebook users will find very familiar. The first email was delivered in The vast majority of teenagers in the United States are daily social media users.

Use of technology has affected the human life to that extent that we are literally dependent on the technology in our daily lives. The need for schools to research, understand and implement. These questions are debatable in many ways. Until blogs were usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often covered a single subject.

To me the answer is yes.Is social networking a boon to society? 59% Say Yes 41% Say No Contact with the real world is lost. Social media is a bane. Social media might make you not feel the urge to meet whom you are texting my friends family the mother and sister text while in the you know that many divorces have happened in facebook.I have put my.

Social networking: A boon or bane for youth? Share: Updated: Jul 25,PM IST. Trending News. Social media is a platform where the youth can form groups and discuss upon various topics ranging from music to education and politics to films.

It is also an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to market their business ideas and promote. Social Networking: The Bane of a Generation Social media is a great way for teens to connect with friends and to plan social events, but when used irresponsibly or carelessly, it can open.

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Inappropriate posts on social media can have severe repercussions on a student’s academic career, and students can lose jobs, internships and even interviews because of the information potential employers are.

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Social media boon or bane essay
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