Ten unintended consequences of growth in

Unintended consequences

Abstract There has been considerable media coverage highlighting the lack of gender diversity in Silicon Valley, stressing the relatively low participation of women in the high-tech economy. Previous article in issue. And at the time of writing, the administration seemed to be laying the groundwork for the imposition of new tariffs on steel imports, the primary target of which would be Chinese producers.

Famously, the drug Viagra was developed to lower blood pressure, with its use for treating erectile dysfunction being discovered as a side effect in clinical trials. The introduction of rabbits in Australia and New Zealand for food was followed by an explosive growth in the rabbit population; rabbits have become a major feral pest in these countries.

Media has stressed the low participation of women in the high-tech economy. In the absence of excessive controls, housing construction would quickly deflate a speculative housing price bubble.

Unexpected drawbacks[ edit ] The implementation of a profanity filter by AOL in had the unintended consequence of blocking residents of ScunthorpeNorth LincolnshireEngland from creating accounts due to a false positive.

Alex Capri, a senior fellow at the National University of Singapore Business School, believes the voices of prominent US business executives serving as industry advisers are beginning to hold sway with the president. Portland and California The Jansen and Mills findings will disappoint urban containment smart growth or growth management advocates who have often denied the economic reality of its influence on house prices.

With such levels of integration, there are few players in either Asia or North America that would remain unaffected. This standard has typified affordable markets since World War II, as well as California markets to the early s and Portland until As a sub-component of complexity in the scientific sensethe chaotic nature of the universe—and especially its quality of having small, apparently insignificant changes with far-reaching effects e.

The impact of trade wars on consumer markets As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the US in Januarya regressive era of trade protectionism seemed about to dawn.

Another is that private consumption growth in China is already locked in decline, and the additional hit to consumer sentiment from a trade war would not accelerate that trend materially. Jansen and Mills squarely place blame for the Great Financial Crisis on stringent land use controls.

Some administration signals of trade patience with China may be part of a broader effort to secure its assistance in the continuing stand-off with North Korea.

The Consequences of Urban Containment

Results are more important than intentions. They also considered the role of stringent land use controls in the Great Financial Crisis.

Pro-globalisation forces in Washington and around the world, however, are likely to be on the defensive for the foreseeable future. Hospital infections are the unexpected side-effect of antibiotic resistanceand even human overpopulation is the side effect of various technological i.Unintended consequences result from the removal of large numbers of people differentially from their communities and the requirement for a large public investment.

The first four unintended consequences of growing incarceration rates are social: (1) replacement of criminal offenders; (2) recruitment of younger offenders; (3).

Unintended consequences: The impact of trade wars on consumer markets As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45 th president of the US in Januarya regressive era of trade protectionism seemed about to dawn.

The Broader Consequences of Stringent Land Use Regulation Jansen and Mills took the research farther than most others. In their econometrics, they found more stringent land use regulation negatively impacted metropolitan area population, employment and per capita real income.

In the social sciences, unintended consequences This policy led to fewer fires, but also led to growth conditions such that, when fires did occur, they were much larger and more damaging. Modern research suggests that this policy was misguided.

In particular, the economists’ data suggest that alcohol-related mortality is the second-most important explanation, after pollution, for the connection between economic growth and death rates.

Unintended consequences: The impact of trade wars on consumer markets

It’s best to think of economic growth as a double-edged sword. THE 5 UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES OF GROWTH. Pushing for growth is a natural and necessary part of doing business, but it’s helpful to know where research shows things can go wrong. 1. Pressure to Achieve. When companies put pressure on employees to achieve remarkable results, they might achieve those results by .

Ten unintended consequences of growth in
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