The theme of time in once more to the lake by eb white

His essay is easily readable, and his diction is simplistic. Again, with the eye of a trained naturalist, he looks into the placid water: He still likes what he sees and feels. For instance, instead of viewing the lake as it is, he uses his childhood eyes to perceive the lake. The quality of a literary work is further established when its insights are verified by others who write independently of similar experiences and who express the same universal truth in their own terms.

There had been jollity and peace and goodness. As he buckled the swollen belt suddenly my groin felt the chill of death. Outside, the road was tarred and cars stood in front of the store. Considering that White shows that his perceptions actually switches from that of an adult and that of a boy, it is arguable that his actual experience of the lake as an adult is marred by such switching between perceptions.

This could suggest that technology is impure or damaging, except that the same paragraph contains a lengthy reminiscence in which White rhapsodizes about his boyhood affection for an old one-cylinder engine. The points of comparison are multiple and the language he uses to describe them is concrete and specific.

Taking this perspective, his observations are equally detailed and precise. For a moment, he misses terribly the middle alternatives. The only thing that was wrong now, really, was the sound of the place, an unfamiliar nervous sound of the outboard motors.

White is able to combine memory with a condition of the The lake helps him think back and develop a better understanding of his situation.

The narration is first person Approaching a dock in a strong following breeze, it was difficult to slow up sufficiently by the ordinary coasting method, and if a boy felt he had complete mastery over his motor, he was tempted to keep it running beyond its time and then reverse it a few feet from the dock.

The narration is first person through the eyes and voice of the author. We would be tired at night and lie down in the accumulated heat of the little bedrooms after the long hot day and the breeze would stir almost imperceptibly outside and the smell of the swamp drift in through the rusty screens.

At first, he has the sense that time has not passed because the natural features of the lake and the woods appear the same. It is just that he was used to the old and less noisy ones, thereby making his claims more personal and not necessarily real. A school of minnows swam by, each minnow with its small individual shadow, doubling the attendance, so clear and sharp in the sunlight.

This was the big scene, still the big scene. And it is the especial province of the writer to express these universals in unique and individual terms. Now that he has returned, White realizes that some things do not vary, and other things a person cannot stop from changing.

Image via Maine Travel Maven. Watching him I would remember the things you could do with the old one-cylinder engine with the heavy flywheel, how you could have it eating out of your hand if you got really close to it spiritually.Once More to the Lake is a depiction of E.

B. White’s experience as he visits a lake once again – the lake that he has been fond of since childhood. White’s experience brings him at the lakefront, at which he finds himself staring at the same lake, virtually unchanged.

Summary of "Once More to the Lake" by E.B. White. E.B.

White wrote "Once More to the Lake" in as a reflective piece on the power of memory and the chill of mortality. Recounting a visit he takes with his son, White re calls how so many of the details he now experiences with his son are the same as those he experienced with his father a generation ago.

Transcript of EB White Summary and Meaning Question 2 EB White's chief point in Once More to the Lake is time passes and people grow older. However, there is often a stall in the realization of age. Once More to the Lake EB - Google Docs.

The Theme of Time in Once More to the Lake by E.B. White PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: once more to the lake, theme of time, e b white.

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once more to the lake, theme of time, e b white. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. 'Once More to the Lake,' an essay written by E.B. White, explores the age-old relationship between a father and his growing son.


The theme of time in once more to the lake by eb white
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