The united states must accept more syrian refugees

It would be wrong, both morally and politically, to curtail Syrian refugee resettlement, and why it is in fact both ethically imperative and politically expedient to instead expand U. However, new security checks, combined with greater levels of interagency cooperation, helped to unblock the resettlement pipeline, and new groups of persecuted refugees—including Somali Bantu and Bhutanese Nepalis—were identified for admission.

The relatives of refugees parents, spouses, and unmarried children under 21 who are already settled in the United States may be admitted as refugees. Accepting more Syrian refugees gives the United States more credibility with its rivals; the Assad regime and its foreign backers tend to dismiss Washington as a paper tiger, so any evidence of U.

Officials speculated that at least one of the Paris attackers could have slipped through the watchlist system, giving gaps in European intelligence added significance.

Sign up for our Wine Club today. The United States processes asylees differently than those who enter the country in refugee status; that process is not addressed in this fact sheet. If the United States assumes a more equitable share of resettlement, Washington will also gain political capital it can use with respect to international organizations and the Europeans.

First, it is important to recognise that the refugee resettlement ceiling sets an upper limit for admissions. Concerns were also raised about fraud and corruption among African groups petitioning for family reunification, resulting in a significant decrease in admissions under this program.

And what additional resources—either pre- or post-arrival—could help to ensure the success of such an expansion?

In order to ensure that this higher ceiling translates into actual departures, and to lay the foundations for much-needed further expansion of USRAP, capacity-building is essential.

In Aprilthe White House Task Force on New Americans submitted a number of recommendations to the president intended to strengthen the cultural, economic, and linguistic integration of new immigrants and refugees.

In recent years, integration has been under-resourced, and this should be the focus of renewed efforts in Washington.

The result is that any refugee arriving through the resettlement program has passed through far stricter security vetting than any immigrant arriving through a student or temporary worker channel, or travelers entering through visa waiver programs.

In addition, leaving young men behind in resettlement camps without prospects of an alternative solution other than irregular migration may fuel long-term radicalization and aid ISIS recruitment efforts. Refugees have often arrived from regions where groups are actively hostile to American interests and values.

Instead of seeking to dismantle refugee resettlement, those interested in ensuring the program is both safe and effective should focus their efforts on securing the resources needed both to reduce delays in processing and to establish strong foundations for community integration upon arrival.

4 Reasons the US Should Support the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees

There are plans to resume refugee processing in early and to open a new processing center in Erbil, Iraq, by the end of the year, but at present, nearly all Syrian resettlement files are processed in Istanbul or Amman.

Instead, the low approval rate should be read as evidence that refugees are required to meet an extremely high burden of proof before being cleared for admission. You will receive activism alerts and updates from The Nation magazine. Many refugee advocates argue that long processing times reflect not only thorough vetting, but also delays due to resource and staffing constraints.

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U.S. Department of State

The third part considers the history of U. It is projected that Turkey will host 1. Strategic and humanitarian imperatives are mutually reinforcing.

Sincethe United States has accepted more than 3. Only 2 percent of Syrian refugees resettled into the United States have been single men of combat age.

While intelligence agencies in these countries were aware of their presence back home, they were unable to connect the suspects to each other or the chatter ahead of the attacks.Tell the United States to Accept More Refugees and Asylum-Seekers From Syria Join The Nation, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and MoveOn in calling on the United.

An Overview of U.S. Refugee Law and Policy

We must stop trying to be politicaly correct Americans must stop viewing Islamic extremism through the lens of political correctness Ben Carson: The U.S. Must Not Accept Any Syrian Refugees. The proposed plan would also halt President Obama's pledge to resettle 10, Syrian refugees in the US. the US must do what it can to help to 4 Reasons the US Should Support the.

Sep 21,  · The United States has taken in only about 1, Syrian refugees since the start of the conflict there more than four years ago.

“But they must. Should the United States Allow Syrian Refugees into the Country? Pro. Clinton. Johnson should not and must not accept any Syrian refugees. Unfortunately, the Obama administration has pledged that the U.S. would accept an additional 45, new refugees, mostly from Syria, from to I urge you to halt your plans to accept more.

Governors from thirty-one states publicly declared they would not accept Syrian refugees under the current resettlement program, due to security fears.

To address particular concerns in the Syrian context, all Syrian refugees must also undergo additional checks as part of a Syrian Enhanced Review process. Accepting more Syrian refugees.

The united states must accept more syrian refugees
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