Thesis of the mcdonaldization of society

People are no longer encouraged to think of new ways of doing things.

The McDonaldization Of Society Essay Sample

The communal meal is our primary ritual for encouraging the family to gather together every day. He further states that beyond dehumanization further irrationalities emerge; including the inefficient masses of red tape, over quantification leading to low quality work, unpredictability as employees grow unclear about what they are supposed to do, or the loss of control due to other things.

While it is possible to create a new original MOOC every semester, it is more likely a basic structure will be created and subsequently altered each time in order to make their creation more efficient. Next we will look at each component and outline what they are.


Examples of this element include: Furthermore, Slater [8] goes on to demonstrate that the McDonaldization of education could have many negative side effects; particularly that it does not promote inquiry or creativity. Courses begin and end at the same time on the same predetermined days and last for a specific amount of weeks.

It is worth considering whether the shared joy that food can provide is worth giving up. In the recent years, they could use institutionalized rules that help them decide or even dictate to them — what to do.

Sometimes when we feel it is quicker to just eat out, the lines can sometimes be long and in reality, it may take longer to eat out than to cook a meal at home.

This means that the consumer bay be able to grab a quick meal in a hurry. It was common to see long lines of people waiting to be served before bank teller booths. It is more efficient for a family to dive to McDonalds, order their food and eat it than it does to prepare a meal at home.

The bank saves on time, personnel and rental fees. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. According to Ritzer, there are four characteristics in McDonaldization process: Bank statements can be downloaded and printed anytime through the internet or receive faxed copy through instructions coursed through the phone.

Employees are specifically trained to do certain positions within the company, streamlining the process. Any deviation from such will be a violation of the franchise agreement. The diminished quality of these products can only be disguised by extensive advertising which constantly repackages them to look new.

The customer gets their food quickly while the restaurant receives good profits due to the markup of goods. This also applies to the workers in those organizations. The Irrationality of Rationality Although there have been many benefits and conveniences that are related to this process of McDonaldization: In terms of processes, the measurement is usually on speed, whereas for end result, the number of goods produced and served or their size.

There are set of menus and value meals to choose from. With McDonalds catering to children, they have opened indoor play structures for children.

Computer graded exams will be used more frequently than written essay exams to make it more efficient for the instructors. In conclusion, although I agree with Ritzer that it may be fun going out to eat from time to time, nothing can change the quality of family time by staying at home with a well balanced meal sitting together at a dinner table.

Like a fast-food restaurant, a bureaucracy can be a dehumanizing place in which to work and by which to be served.

The McDonaldization of Society Essay Sample

McDonalds controls how the setting is by ensuring a quick turnaround from order to leaving the establishment. According to Max Weber, formal rationalization is the search by people for the optimum means to a given end shaped by rules, regulations and larger social structures.

Predictability refers to the attempt to structure our environment so that surprise and difference do not encroach upon our sensibilities. If it is lost to us, we shall have to invent new ways to be a family.

Ritzer suggests that in the later part of the Twentieth Century the socially structured form of the fast-food restaurant has become the organizational force representing and extending the process of rationalization further into the realm of everyday interaction and individual identity.

Central concepts employed in the fast-food industry have spread to all types of restaurants. Their tasks are highly repetitive, highly routine, and predictable. The clients can open an account, transfer fund, reorder checkbooks, stop payment and do investment transactions anytime without going to the bank.

This might be the reason why the problem on chronic depression is rampant especially in highly progressive countries and busy cities. Recently, they also came out with express banking centers in malls, supermarkets and other busy areas which were open on Sundays and holidays to accommodate busy clients aside from installation of ATMs everywhere.

Some people have the false illusion that going out to eat is fun. Included is the streamlining of processes, simplifying goods and services, and using customers to perform work such as cleaning up after themselves. People can now buy from supermarkets, groceries, bake shops and other establishments using their ATM cars through swiping just like a credit card.

The company can offer uniform products making it easier to conform to a routine of employees who make the product allowing a quicker turnaround from order received to going to the customer.The process of McDonaldization can be summarized as the way in which "the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world." The McDonaldization thesis in its cultural version is a comparatively recent idea about the worldwide homogenization of cultures.

George Ritzer as 'The process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world'.[11] The concept of McDonaldisation involves four basic ideas/5(9). The McDONALDIZATION OF THE SOCIETY Essay.

Introduction In his book entitled ‘The McDonaldization of Society’, George Ritzer nicely encompasses concepts from sociology, management, and economics to provide a profound understanding of our modern society.

According to George Ritzer, in his book The Mcdonalization of Society, he believes that McDonalization is "the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world." McDonalization is a way of life.

According to Ritzer, the Mcdonaldization of society has standardized the consumer experience. Critically discuss. ‘The McDonaldization of society’ was originally published in and has since been revised and republished several times. George Ritzer authored 'The McDonaldization of Society' inand it remains one of the bestselling sociology books of all time.

In this lesson, we discuss his concept of McDonaldization and the four main characteristics of McDonaldization that he describes.

Thesis of the mcdonaldization of society
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