Who will win the 2016 u s

Leading up to the election, a Trump victory was considered unlikely by almost all media forecasts. The two leaders spoke at a joint news conference. Additionally, Manuel made history by becoming the first African-American woman to win Olympic gold in swimming, while fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first U.

In doing so, she became the first woman to ever be the presumptive nominee of any major political party in the United States.

Out on the streets, the summit attracted a grab-bag of protesters, with abortion-rights activists wearing artificially bulging bellies and Trump masks, anti-fascist protesters bearing signs with expletive-laden insults, and free traders, anti-war Ukrainians and gay rights supporters making their voices heard.

Overall, American athletes contributed to the medal count, including 32 multiple medalists and 13 who won multiple gold medals. Of the Americans who earned medals in Rio, nearly 85 percent competed in NCAA collegiate athletics, with the majority of those coming in swimming, track and field, and team sports.

The Rio Games, which marked the first Olympics to be held in South America — saw Team USA top the medal chart in every category for only the seventh time in Olympic history and the first sinceleading all nations with medals, including 46 golds, 37 silvers and 38 bronzes.

The summit, which is being closely watched around the world, was not the first time Trump and Putin have held talks. The Democratic nominee challenged other presidential candidates in national elections to succeed President Barack Obama at noon on January 20,following his two terms in office.

Clinton secured the Democratic nomination after fending off a strong primary challenge from Senator Bernie Sanders. Trump did not respond; Putin appeared to smirk. After his victory was assured, some commentators compared the election to President Harry S.

At one point, he shot Putin a wink. Making his fifth — and what he says is his last — Olympic appearance, Michael Phelps further cemented his legacy as the greatest Olympian of all time with 23 gold medals and 28 overall.

Just the two of them, each with a translator. Trump took office as the 45th Presidentand Pence as the 48th Vice Presidenton January 20, Winning five of the six relays, the U. Incumbent Vice President Joe Biden heavily considered a third run but eventually chose against it.

Team USA Concludes Record-Breaking Rio 2016 Olympic Games With 121 Medals, 46 Golds

Then came the joint news conference. A draft movement was started to encourage Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to seek the presidency, but Warren declined to run.

On four different Super TuesdaysClinton secured numerous important wins in each of the nine most populous states including CaliforniaNew YorkFloridaand Texaswhile Sanders scored various victories in between. Trump also won three " blue wall " stronghold states that had not gone Republican since the s: Of the 27 sports in which U.

Shooter Ginny Thrasher helped the U. The elections took place within all fifty U. American athletes also impressed in track and field, winning 32 medals and 13 golds, highlighted by the first-ever U. Multi-medalists Biles, Felix and Ledecky were among a strong contingent of American women, who for the second straight Olympics, set a record with 61 medals, exceeding its previous high of 58 from London in Trump is the fifth person in U.

Sharing the spotlight in the pool was teenage phenom Katie Ledecky, who set two world records en route to winning four golds and one silver and became only the second swimmer to sweep theand meter freestyle titles at a single Games.

Putin, as always, denied all. Had American women competed as their own country, they would have ranked fourth among all nations in the overall medal chart and tied for second in the gold-medal count with A total of six major candidates entered the race starting April 12,when former Secretary of State and New York Senator Hillary Clinton formally announced her second bid for the presidency.

But Trump did not strongly condemn the interference efforts, which U. I really think the world wants to see us get along.Jul 16,  · HELSINKI (AP) — Russia's Vladimir Putin said Monday he did want Donald Trump to win the U.S. presidential election but took no action during the campaign to make it happen.

He said he. Nate Silver's predictions and polling data for the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Election Forecast. Who would win the election if it were held today.

National overview.

2016 Election Forecast

Updates. FiveThirtyEight’s forecast for the Florida Senate race between Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy». Democratic Party presidential primaries, Jump to in order to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

For the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and for Democrats Abroad, fixed numbers of pledged delegates are allocated. Live presidential election results and maps.

Election Presidential results are updated as of Feb. Dave Leip’s Atlas of U.S. Clinton's popular vote win was also the largest ever margin by a candidate who lost the electoral college. United States presidential election, cartogram United States presidential election, cartogram.

Results of U.S. presidential election by congressional district, shaded by vote margin. Watch video · Simone Biles Becomes First Woman to Win Five U.S. All-Around Titles, Sweeps U.S.

Championships In her second competition since the Olympic Games in Rio, Simone Biles claims her fifth national.

Who will win the 2016 u s
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