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You may view the photographic images and video online at www. How do I contest a ticket? How do the cameras work? Use the coupon enclosed with your ticket to request a mitigation hearing or contested hearing. Can I see the evidence I was speeding in a school zone? Photos and videos of violation events are sent electronically from the traffic safety camera system to the ATS data center where they are reviewed against criteria established by the Seattle Police Department.

Florida Red Light Camera Ticket Basics

A payment box is located in the front of the Seattle Municipal Court Building for after-hours convenience. By requesting a mitigation hearing, you will be deemed to have committed the infraction. Those deemed potential violations are forwarded to SPD where trained officers in the SPD Traffic Section review and either reject or authorize issuance of citations for speed violations.

There are no issues with your license, no points assessed, and no impact to your insurance. You may not subpoena witnesses for this hearing.

The speed cameras operate by using digital signal processing and in-ground point-to-point loop detectors to make multiple measurements of a vehicle as it passes through the school speed zone.

You would request a mitigation hearing if you agree you committed the infraction but believe write access mode violationinfo circumstances may be such that the court could reduce or waive the penalty.

Does anyone review the footage? Events that clearly are not violations are rejected at the data center. Please include the enclosed coupon with your payment. If you request a contested hearing the Court will schedule a pre-hearing conference, which you may waive by using the form attached to the Notice of Hearing that the Court will send you.

If it occurred at any other time e. For this reason, a video of the incident is also captured and is available online at www. The beacon lights flash in an alternating mode so that there is a very small pause between when each light flashes. In the event, controls are in place to avoid the issuing of erroneous citations outside of the enforcement period or during equipment malfunction.

If your vehicle was stolen, sold by you prior to the date of the violation, or was otherwise not in your care, custody or control at the time of the violation, you may submit a sworn statement to that effect to the Court to rebut the presumption, established in SMC You may subpoena witnesses including the officer who issued this Notice of Infraction.

You must use the Notice and PIN printed on the front of the notice you received to log in. Photos of the vehicle and the vehicle license plate taken at the time the vehicle was detected speeding in a school zone are filed along with a notice of infraction in Seattle Municipal Court.

Write your Notice and your license plate on your check or money order. What happens to my license or insurance if I pay the ticket or I am found guilty in court?The New York Times: Find breaking news, multimedia, reviews & opinion on Washington, business, sports, movies, travel, books, jobs, education, real estate, cars.

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Write access mode violationinfo
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