Writing and evaluating expressions 6th grade activities

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Basketball Game

I ask which expression is correct for Problem 1: I then cold call on students to read the verbal expressions for Problems 26 - I have students turn and talk about my expression. If I see things like 12 - 6 for Problem 4 or 10 for Problem 5, then I know that students are not thinking about using an unknown and are using their actual ages.

Use the steps above as questions if more are needed. The second problem presents students with a real-world example. As I am circulating, I am checking to be sure that students are careful with their arithmetic when they are evaluating.

I ask what the variable stands for, what the coefficient is, and what it means. As they work, I circulate around the classroom and check in with each group. Are students using substitution and their expression correctly to solve the problem? As students work, I circulate around the room.

How did you know what the coefficient was?

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Worksheets

Students must annotate the problems, define their variables, and keep their work space neat and orderly. The first example is a verbal expression that students translate and then evaluate for a given value.

I pull a popscicle stick to cold call on a student for work to display on the document camera. I want to give students practice with writing all types of expressions. Are scholars correctly translating the verbal expression into numerical form?

Will the expression have the same answer if you changed the order of the terms? Problem 23 will confuse some students, because the expression will be 6 - After 10 minutes of partner work time, I bring the class back together for a discussion.

How did you know what the variable was? Problem 8 can be difficult for students, in that students have to find half of a quantity.

How did you know what the constant was? As they are working, I am looking specifically at problems 4 - 7. I am looking for: How did you know what operations to use?

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Are students correctly identifying the variable? I display work for Problem 7. What does the variable represent given the context of the problem? How did you know the value of the variable? I ask how they used the expression to find how fast Luis was driving.

Throughout this section, I am praising students for their organization. Some students will not read carefully, and will not use a to represent their age now.

Are students correctly identifying the coefficient? Are scholars correctly identifying the constant? Because this lesson combines all of the skills learned so far in this lesson, there is not an introduction to new material section.The skills of reading, writing and evaluating expressions are essential for future work with expressions and equations, and are a Critical Area of Focus for Grade 6.

In earlier grades. Lesson Item Suggested rationale 2 practice evaluating expressions 7 practice evaluating expressions 8 practice evaluating expressions 11 practice writing expressions 12 practice writing expressions 15 practice writing situations to. Activities: 1.

Writing Algebraic Expressions

Display Interactive Resource 1. Facilitate a class discussion and have the students describe their strategies for determining the values of the different colored eyes. 2. Lounge Grade 6 Algebraic Expressions Assessment 1.

What is the value of the expression 8x + 3 when x is 4? 2. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Basketball Game.

Practice evaluating algebraic expressions with integers by playing this cool and exciting basketball game. This game is designed for middle school students. You can play this. Grade 6 – Expressions and Equations Write expressions that record operations with numbers and with letters standing for numbers.

For example, express the calculation “Subtract y from that order is important in writing subtraction and division problems. Students will be able to 1. write expressions with letters 2.

Writing and Evaluating Expressions

read expressions. Writing and Evaluating Expressions. Add to Favorites. 31 teachers like this lesson. Print Lesson. Students must define the variable before writing and evaluating the expression. Guided mi-centre.com Partner Practice.

6th Grade Math » Intro to 6th Grade Math & Number Characteristics. Andrea Palmer. Somerville MA.

Writing and evaluating expressions 6th grade activities
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